A brief description of each page is given below.

KATO HAVAS – displays a brief biography of The New Approach’s creator.

NEW APPROACH – displays a brief outline of The New Approach and its achievements.

KHANA – lists the KHANA representatives around the world

SOURCES – lists where books, videos, etc. on the New Approach may be obtained.

CALENDAR – lists coming KHANA courses and seminars around the world.

MESSAGE BOARD – a place for questions and comments about The New Approach.

The new KHANA Message Board is still in development and should be available shortly.

For many years the original Message Board was a popular, if not greatly used, feature of this site. The webmaster reluctantly took it down because the feature was abandoned by the software this site was using at the time. With the creation of this new site using entirely new software and functions, The KHANA Board has every intention of setting it up once again in a much improved and flexible form.