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The new Approach was devised by Kato Havas based very much on her own experiences and background. It explores the problems inherent in string playing and demonstrates ways of dealing with them based on an understanding of inward-to-outward energy impulses.
A sense of well-being, both in physical balance and mental attitude, is emphasized. Players experience the freedom made possible through active rhythmic pulse and the sensation of having no violin or bow “hold.”  Two right arm motions or swings encompass all “bow strokes,” and balanced and dancing left hand movements responsible for tone quality, intonation, vibrato, free string players from anxiety about shifts, double-stops, and string crossings.
Excerpt from abstract of Keynote address at the “Playing Hurt” conference in Minneapolis, April 1989.
“The New Approach is not a method in the ordinary sense of the word. It is a highly organised system which prevents and eliminates tensions and anxieties. It highlights the physical, mental and social aspects of performance with special reference to violin playing (although the principles apply equally to other instruments). It unifies mind, body and spirit, and coordinates the natural balances of the body into an effortless and powerful whole.
The use of the natural balances eliminates the ‘violin hold’ and ‘bow hold’, as such, which are so often major causes of headaches, backaches and tendonitis.
A structured inner control with the use of rhythmic pulse; the use of the ‘inner ear’ and ‘inner eye’ ensure a free-flowing transmission of energy.  These, coupled with the release of pressure and counter-pressure of the instrument, allow full play of the sympathetic vibrations and ensure a natural vibrato.
Singing and miming, the power of words and the power of imagination, all play a significant role in fulfilling the player’s ultimate potential.”
The Havas New Approach is shared through workshops, private lessons, published books and articles. For further information please see the SOURCES, KHANA and CALENDARpages of this site.