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A brief description of each page on this site is given below.

KATO HAVAS – displays a brief biography of The New Approach’s creator.

NEW APPROACH – displays a brief outline of The New Approach and its achievements.

KHANA – lists the KHANA representatives around the world

SOURCES – lists where books, videos, etc. on the New Approach may be obtained.

CALENDAR – lists coming KHANA courses and seminars around the world.

MESSAGE BOARD – a place for questions and comments about The New Approach.

This web site is about The New Approach to string playing pioneered by Kato Havas. The New Approach, with appropriate remedial exercises, helps to release physical tensions.  It also helps the release of stage fright and mental anxieties so that players of all levels can fulfil their potential. 

The site serves the needs of teachers and players practicing The New Approach, allows them to communicate with each other and also helps to introduce the existing publications on the workings of The New Approach. 

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In addition 10 short videos showing a workshop by Kato Havas were placed on YouTube.  To view these click on the word ‘Videos’ below and all will become available to view in a separate window. 


This site was last updated on April 13th. 2022.